Making Art with Thermoplastics

3D Printing with DCV Designs

3D Printing started as our hobby, but quickly became a passion. The limits of 3D printing are pretty far out there, and if there's something you can imagine, it can most likely be 3d modeled and then printed. We print using a process called FDM (Fusion Deposition Modeling), where the print head moves in the X and Y planes, laying down a layer of plastic to form a model as it also moves upward in the Z plane. We primarily print with PLA, an environmentally friendly thermoplastic that is made from corn and is capable of being composted back to organic components. Check out our shop, or feel free to contact us to discuss your idea! See some of our custom projects below:

Custom 3D Printed Race Track Key Holder
Custom Race Track Key Holder

We designed and printed this custom piece for a customer on Etsy (our original marketplace). Before printing we discussed the specifics of what the customer was looking for, created mock up drawings of the piece and got customer sign off.

Custom Placemarkers
Themed Place Cards

We designed these Fourth of July themed place cards for a family get together. Multicolored and personalized to perfection.

Custom Tent Markers
Tent Markers

Some tent markers created for Boy Scout Troop 984, clearly marking the Scout Master, Med Man and Senior Patrol Leader's tents. To round it out, the markers are bordered by reflective tape.